We believe in a collective identity of the AltreMani laboratory, which is much more than the sum of the individuals that comprise it. Not only numbers but cultures, life experiences, sounds, flavors and colors that together create something unique, complete and humanly beautiful.

We make sure that social and environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of the laboratory, which at the same time is both the origin and purpose of our projects.

The design stage is the most important part of our manufacturing processes, during which we transform a romantic and brilliant idea into something tangible and reproducible.

Originality is the element that characterizes all of our projects and products, thanks to the creative genius who sees the raw material as a unique and captivating object.

The territorial network is both a resource and a commercial channel for the laboratory and the other parties who are part of it, in the interests of enhancement of each local area.

Experimentation is the most enjoyable phase of our creations, in which we mix raw materials, ideas, feelings, expectations and hard work to create new textures and objects.

Quality is guaranteed by the raw materials used, by the people who create the object and by the authenticity of the product.

The assignment at AltreMani of some of the phases of the production process allows companies that choose this path to embrace social responsibility. A choice where everyone wins: for AltreMani this is a source of sustainability and for businesses, an important ethical choice and an important boost in image.