AltreMani is part of the T-Project partners network.

T-Project connects US companies with a network of highly specialized Italian manufacturers able to meet the needs of contemporary and luxury brands interested in Italian materials and/or to produce in Italy.


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IDES is a network project for companies, category affiliations and managers whose goal is to stimulate the market and open new opportunities for business development and internationalization of our territory. The goal is to lay the foundation for the development of new services, activities and initiatives dedicated to the Italian context representing the important cultural heritage of Italian contemporary design around the world.




AltreMani is one of the corporate partners of the PORTRAIT Project.

PORTRAIT is an interdepartmental project of the University of Florence financed by Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and supported by the Osservatorio Mestieri d’Arte (Center for Arts and Crafts), designed to promote and protect the culture of Made in Italy through the skills of young university researchers.

The project takes shape with the development of collaborations with some small and medium businesses linked to the Tuscan territory and aims to enhance the characteristics helping to reduce the main problems.

The Departments of the University of Florence involved in the project are:

Department of Science Economics and Business – DISEI

Department of Architecture – DIDA

Department of Industrial Engineering – DEHP

Science Department for Production and Agri-Environment (DISPAA)

Department of History, Archaeology, Geography, Art and Performance (SAGAS)

AltreMani began developing a partnership with the PORTRAIT team starting in October 2014, with the aim of streamlining its business and to maximize the potential of their business ideas.