The AltreMani lab attracts social inclusion projects where the difference becomes a resource. An ethical and responsible choice that is supported by the central role that the person has taken on, with its potential, respecting and appreciating the resource it represents.

The A.A.A. Azioni Alternanza Attiva (Active Alternating Actions) project involves male and female students who live in difficult conditions. The project offers them an innovative methodological opportunity capable of integrating moments of study with work and training sessions, according to the “learning while doing” logic.

The Tempi Moderni (Modern Times) project is a “hands on” laboratory for disadvantaged individuals that offers experience and a chance to approach the working world. The lab represents an alternative\supplementary opportunity to those attending the day care center or structures similar to it, with the concept of the development and acquisition of skills that they will be able to apply in the workplace.

The projects with the PACI CENTER Multipurpose Center for Asylum Seekers and Refugees of Florence and CARITAS – have been activated for professional training and social integration for people who come from problematic cultural and social backgrounds with the world of Italian work and workers.

Creation draws on the roots of cultural tradition, but flourishes in contact with other cultures. For this reason, heritage in all its forms must be preserved, enhanced and handed on to future generations as a record of human experience and aspirations, so as to foster creativity in all its diversity and to inspire genuine dialogue among cultures.

UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity

Article 7 – Cultural heritage as the wellspring of creativity 

November 2011