Line dedicated to the rainbow, peace, freedom and human rights. Because being able to admire the colored arch after a thunderstorm is a natural spectacle that always leaves you speechless, whatever the context.


Line inspired by nature, the harmonious lines of the leaves, the infinite and perfect shades of green and its juicy fruits. All contained in the details of waste from cloth drying processes.


This line is dedicated to the sacredness of the trees and to the geometries of their leaves, hand drawn on a delicate sheet of wood.


The flagship of our production that concentrates in itself the essence of AltreMani: free drawing on a sheet in used tea bags, applied on cartotecnica complements. Unique objects, a tribute to Italian culture, to traditional craftsmanship and artistic… Read More


The line dedicated to Africa and its legendary safari lands, completely hand-drawn. Details of fairs and baobabs that immediately transport us to the warm savannah.



Diaries and notebooks soaked in fragments of real life. Because as it happens with novels, we are a little touched by what excites us.


From the passion for tattoos, for geometric symbols and for mandalas, this young and attractive line is born, easy handy and completely hand-drawn on canvas and tea bags.


From the creatures of the seabed and the colors of the coral reefs this product line takes shape that smells of the sea and leaves salt in the mouth. Unique hand-made designs.


Created from an idea that combines recycled materials and a vintage vision of the paper industry. SCARTAFACCIO AltreMani has a dual use: on the one side to write down ideas and draw sketches; on the other to translate… Read More